Client Services
Key Commercial is committed to providing its clients with the latest marketing technology and property analysis tools. These resources are employed to maximize the exposure of listings and to ensure investors and users have the most current information available when making decisions.
Brokerage Services  
Whether buying or selling, diligent representation and maximum exposure are the common denominator. Key Commercial will use all of the tools described below to meet our client’s goals.
  Investment Advisory Analysis
Today’s owners of commercial real estate understand the importance and value of timely and accurate financial analysis. Key Commercial can provide long-term projections of investment performance and value, so you can make the right decision.
  Landlord/Tenant Representation
Key Commercial’s local market knowledge, combined with relationships within the development and brokerage communities, keeps leasing players abreast of market opportunities.
  Property Management
Preserving and enhancing the value of assets under management is the goal of Key Commercial’s property management services. Whether it is a shopping center or office building, we have the experience and skills to maximize the cash flow from your investment.
Marketing Tools  
  Aerial Photography
If a picture says a thousand words, aerial images must be whole languages. Whether it is accessing state of the art Keyhole satellite imagery or flying a customized aerial photograph, we’ll get the tools we need.
  Business Lists
Key Commercial uses business lists developed by directly canvassing local markets and lists drawn from national databases organized by SIC (standard industrial code) categories to market property and aid decision makers. We can even plot these businesses on map locations to narrowly target your search.
  Demographic Reports
Today’s users and investors require up to date demographic studies and trend analysis. So Key Commercial provides it for every suitable property and puts it on our property inventory for easy access.
  Financial Analysis
Key Commercial can provide cash flow analysis, investment performance measures and future value projections so you can make the right decision.
  Listing Services & Commercial Exchanges
Key Commercial enters listings in national and local exchanges such as those shown below. These exchanges are effective at reaching regional and national players, and we use them where appropriate.WNC Commercial Property Exchange (Karnes)
  Mapping Services
A commercial real estate decision requires a tremendous amount of information and expertise. Key Commercial simplifies and expedites this process by accessing multiple sources to obtain this information.
Professional Referrals  
  Key Commercial maintains relationships with many professionals who can assist in completing your transactions. We can provide referrals to the following specialties: accountants,architects, attorneys, engineers, general contractors, land planners and surveyors.